Processors with unique architecture will be launched in Russia

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MultiClet Corp. ( introduces to the market multicellular microprocessor (multiclet) a unique product which have no prototypes in the world. It's designed on the base of high-end cores with principally new architecture and minimal power consumption.

Multicellular architecture patented by MultiClet Corp. in contrast to traditional von-Neumann architecture doesn't operate with rank-order commands, but with statements which consist of commands. Operations within the statements are launched without memory involvement. This engineering solution provides 5 times performance increase and decrease of power consumption in 10 times.

Working directly with Russia's high-tech defence sector MultiClet Corp. is profiling its products now for the following target market segments: mobile and video communications, 3D television, in-car electronics, GLONASS/GPS/Galileo receivers.

Further research work in the field of multicellular architecture will provide the teraflop performance. Two 64-cell crystals will give 1.2 TFlops performance and power consumption won't exceed 15.4 W. As the company notes, further development of multicellular architecture opens up the possibility of creation of an exaflop supercomputer.

Preparing for industrial-scale production stage MultiClet Corp conducted microelectronics market research in order to determine and forecast demands. As a result the product line of multicellular processors was created. The first pilot batch will be produced in February 2012. Multiclet average price will be about 10 $, multicellular processor sales agent is JSC Rosoboronexport (Russian defence export).