MULTICLET. INATRONICS, Jakarta 19-22 March 2014. The premiere presentation of new gadget

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One of the biggest events in the field of electronic industry – the INATRONICS 2014 exhibition will take place at the Indonesian capital Jakarta from March, 19 to March, 22 2014. About 1,000 participants from 25 countries of the world will gather together at the area of over 33,000 square meters. They will present the full range of products and services for electronic components, materials, components, electronics production technology and consumer electronics. All products are optimally adapted to market requirements.

INATRONICS is the most influential exhibition in the field of electronics and automobile industry where participants have the opportunity to communicate directly with their target audience and potential customers. The MULTICLET company will present the world's first multicellular processor with unique non Von Neumann architecture MULTICLET P1, and also announces a new generation of MULTICLET P2 «P» series (Performance), and MULTICLET R1 microprocessors «R» series (Reconfiguration) is the world's first processor with dynamic reconfiguration.

Many improvements have been made compared to the MULTICLET P1, the first multicellular processor:

- Significantly reduced power consumption - from 1.08 W down to 0.6.

- Twice as much data and program memory (increased from 128KB to 256KB);

- Any external FLASH ROM supported (whereas the first processor required only XCF04S, XCF08P, XCF16P, XCF32P external FLASH ROM);

- 100 MHz to 150 MHz clock frequency;

- significant increase in computing power: from 2.4 GFLOPS to 3.6 GFLOPS;

- double precision floating point instructions is supported now;

- Faster USB interface (version 2.0);

- on-board external memory controller (SRAM, SDRAM, PROM, I/O);

- on-board PLL (8-16 MHz input frequency), and ADC (16 bit, 48 kSPS, 8 channel) and DAC (12 bit, 125 kSPS, 2 channel).

The MULTICLET P2 and MULTICLET R1 multicellular processors operating temperature range is -40 С° to +125 С°. Release is scheduled for March 2014.

In the course of the exhibition a new gadget from MULTICLET - Key_P1 MULTICLET digital guardian will be presented. This multifunctional device, developed on the basis of multicellular processor of the universal non Von Neumann architecture, will protect data from loss, theft and unauthorized access. This is the first product in the b2c segment.

The start of the project is scheduled simultaneously with the presentation. More detailed information is available under the «Project on» at

You may get acquainted to the last developments of the MULTICLET company and ask any questions from 19 to 22 March 2014 in JIEXPO KEMAYORAN, JAKARTA, booth A1A3-03.