MULTICLET's first day on INATRONICS 2014 exibition, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Multiclet with its new developments has become the first Russian company exhibiting on Inatronics 2014. The company has presented 3 new products. The First has been MultiClet R1, a processor with dynamic reconfiguration. In the process of task execution such unique processor involve 1,2,3 or 4 cells while uninvolved cells can perform other tasks. Such capabilities allow MultiClet r1to perform 3,6 GFLOPS consuming only 0,6 W. 

The second new product has become MultiClet Accelerator Board applied in supercomputers. Such board has no competitors due to its unique non Von Neumann architecture. It's produces 24 FLOPS while consuming only 40 W! 

The strongest company's point has become the Key P1MultiClet: digital guardian. Multiclet has been working on this project for mostly a year and now it's prototype is presented on Inatronics. With more than 20 encrypting and protecting functions on PCs and storage drives, corporate and personal versions, and multicellular basement the product has become an exhibition's breakthrough! 

From the first second the company and its products has attracted a lot of visitors' attention. MultiClet representatives are trying to give as much attention as they can to all interested: many visitors want to know more details about how multiclet new developments work and wish to have them as soon as possible. People wishing to get devices are from various spheres, occupations, and countries since Multiclet products are universally applied. As for key p1 multiclet, then any individual is need of it due to today's insecure digital world. CEOs of many organisations are keen to buy corporate versions of key p1 now and express their ideas about how much they are in need of such gadget. New Technology distributing companies suggested their support in promoting MultiClet. Moreover, science institutions were keen to buy a large batch of Multiclets to train their students. 

Multiclet attracted even more attention on the first exhibition day when Dmitry Kukushkin, a Head of Development Department, gave a presentation on new Multiclet developments in open hall. Visitors were given a chance to look deeper inside the company's products origin and to be given all answers from one of the developers.